Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the fun begin!!!

Day 8
ok... so we left of on our way to the cooking class, it was SO SO fun! The mom that was teaching us was SO nice and she taught us how to cook a traditional costa rican meal, Pico de chiote... or something like that. Anyways IT WAS SO GOOD! let me tell you we know how to cook a good meal. Our teacher was very paitent with us and made us only speak in spanish which was hard but very fun. After our meal we all sat on her couch and watched Brazils next top model and latin american idol! hahaha!!

Yesterday after class jess and i decided it was time to venture out of the city, so we went to El Rio!!! (the river). Our guide at the school gave us directions and told us to walk the short distance there. I dont know if it is just us but 5 miles (8 kilometers) is NOT a short distance! HAHAHAHA. So we get there and walked... and walked.... and walked... down to the river. when we arrive we find that we are the only two girls there! everyone else is male 12-22ish in age. So jess and I decide to eat lunch first in a hope that they will leave so we can go in without being watched. Luckily for us they did! So jess and I went for a little dip in the... refreshing... water. It was really cool because we just sat in a little whirl pool right on top if the 10 foot water fall. After a while a storm looked like it was rolling in so we decided it was probably time to head out. So jess climbed out of the water first... up the rocks she went like a pro... my turn. I got up the 3 foot rock ledge thing but then suddenly i slipped! down i went into the water i thought i had caught my self several times but nope into the water i went! but then i went under and got caught up by the current... up until this point i wasent to panicked but at this point i looked at jess and screamed as i started to head for the waterfalls ledge ( it was like 3 feet from where i fell) luckily thanks to my quick thinking i shoved my feet under the rocks and stopped myself. yes... we can all sigh now. when i gather my balacne again i look at jess and she is in the same spot!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING!!! ok i guess ill cut her slack since this all happened in the of like 5 or 10 seconds but still... so i finally get up the rock wall thing and we just sit there and do what? yes... laugh... we laughed and laughed because well we do that best! We walk the 5 miles back to Arenal and went home and to have dinner, during dinner the other guywho is renting a room family came! so that was nice for him to have his wife and baby with him... we thought... After dinner we talked with the family for 2 hours! which is the most ever! it was really fun learning about them and what they do for fun... and we started to feel bad for leaving them. We went to bed with the dread of telling them we were leaving them the next day.

Day 10
saturday morning we were woken up at like 5am by the guy renting the rooms baby!!! that dumb baby cried from 5 to 9! They went outside into the court yard thing to walk the baby but that just brought him right in front of our room! and since they went outside the family we are staying withs white lab saw them and started barking extra early! so from 5 to 9 we had the dog and the screaming baby outside our room. and at 7ish the wife of the renter decided to cook breakfast outside as well! and let me tell you she is not very quite at all! so in short we do not feel very bad leaving this family anymore... at all. Today after waking up (grumpily) we walked over to our frends house picked her up and went to a waterfall! it was SO pretty! we hiked down to the pool at the bottom and went swimming and layed out on the rocks for hours! it was WONDERFUL!!! after that we took a taxi to Baldi which is a hotel spa that has natural hot springs in it! We arrived there at like 2 had lunch and from 2 to 7 we went in the like 8 different pools and the water slide and the sauna... this to was simply WONDERFUL!!! so to wrap it all up after waking up not so happy we had a beautiful and wonderful day in costa rica! the first of many many more to come... we hope. Tommorrow we are waking up at 5 am to go white water rafting... it should be interesting... jessica and i have noticed i have been a bit accident prone this summer with my head thing, and my ear thing and my falling in whirlpool things... so we are hoping nothing happens tomorrow. hahaha. but anyways i have to go but i hope you are all well and i cannnot wait to tell you about our rafting trip! LOVE YOU!

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