Friday, August 29, 2008

Natalie and Jessica's Adventure to Costa Rica

Here's the beginning of a true adventure... Day1: Missed our flight... skip to day 2. Day2: Made our flight... We left good ol' california at 1030 pm. Richard berg drove us and we preceded to jump on a freeway that was closed... minor detour as we began driving the opposite direction of LAX. Good thing we left early! Arrived at the airport with ample time to sit and watch funny people traveling the world. funny person number 1: a girl with hair passed her kneecaps... funny guy 2: a man running with his backpack wide open. just a few... our flight was okay as i was stuck in the middle next to a man with a hot pink pillow and natalie... we attempted to sleep, but you know how planes are. Texas was pretty uneventful... Starbucks was a hit as always for us and then we waited and waited. Our flight to CR felt like forever, but it was only 3 hours and 15 min. I didn't sleep at all, but nat caught a few minutes of shut eye. WE arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica excited as can be. We finally made it... laughter kept us through and even today we are still going strong. I have to be honest, i was slightly nervous once we got here because we didnt exactly have a ride and it is a bit overwhelming walking outside with hundreds of cab drivers asking if we needed a ride... A taxi would have cost us 190 dollars to get to Tamarindo and we opted for the 29 dollar fare on what is called interbus... it was the way to go... we did have to wait for 2.5 hours at a lovely souvenir shop. there was a denny's in front of it, so we figured we would eat there... little did we know we would end up paying $20 for cheeze fries, a coke, and 5 barbeque chicken nuggets. such a joke... we now know to look before we spend at resturants... plus at this point we had been awake for 30 hours or so give or take 2 hours of sleep. The rain began to pour as we waited four our ride. luckily our interbus was not a bus at all... a great van, with AC and only 4 in the car... other than the 5.5 hours it took us to get here (we only went 113 miles according to nat's GPS) and the bumpy roads. we made it with continued smiles. we did get a nice potty stop... oh and the driver got a ticket for speeding. haha. and it poured the entire drive. At this point all nat and i wanted was a bed. We arrived at the el diria and got into our room... it smelled super bad... a mixture of mildew, paint and musk... but we just didnt care. we fell asleep within minutes. 12 hours later... Day3: We woke up with 9 minutes left of free buffet breakfast. it filled us up and natalie was excited because she got to eat brigideros, brazialian chocolate dessert... it was sprinkling but still pretty... we then walked around tamarindo. they finally got paved roads and there is construction everywhere. it looks different than a year and a half ago... we then hit the pool... the sun had finally come out... but within minutes it rained yet again. as we went to our rooms, we decided that since our mothers would say something about the terrible smell... we should too... good thing we did. free upgrade to an oceanview room with a patio... it smells almost the same, but it seems there was an attempt to make it smell better/ we have an ocean view. we went back to the pool and had about an hour of sunshine. currently we are in subway, where there is free internet and having an incredible costa rican meal... cheers to american food. it began pouring again, but we are content and are making the most of this most beautiful place... until next time... adios mis amigos desde costa rica!!!